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Halifield College’s Remedial educational program (Study Boost) is a specific educational intervention aimed at addressing the identified learning needs of a student (or group of students) who is lagging behind academically or not mastering specific competencies at early class levels (JS 1 and JS 2 specifically).

Due to the fact that each student has different learning strengths and gaps, Halifield’s individualized remedial educational program is an important element among the efforts to improve education outcomes of low performing students of different ages and from different educational backgrounds.

The purpose of this remedial educational plan is;

  • To quickly assess individual student academic deficiencies.
  • To develop customized learning paths for struggling students to improve outcomes

As a result, this remedial program:

  • Involves mostly individualized instruction
  • Teaches problem areas/topics step-by-step without skipping over content
  • Is conducted at the student’s pace
  • Offers regular reviews and practice exercises to reinforce learning and practice applying new knowledge
  • Includes assessments indicating what the student has learned and whether he/she’s ready to move ahead.

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