At Halifield, we go all out with our extra-curriculum. Every day, we experience the invigoration and excitement of extra-curricular activities.


Our club activities are geared towards developing skills in our children; skills that will make them entrepreneurs and innovators of the future rather than relying on traditional jobs.

Students practice, compete and learn through our variety of activities, they develop the fortitude that comes from competition and teamwork.

Club activities include Cyber, Swimming, Mad Science, Dance, Taekwondo, Cheerleading, Music, Edugame, Football, Art Attack, Bead Making and Sewing


Building from our mission to inculcate in the child, good grooming, moral values and social discipline that result in a balanced personality, we seek to aid the academic, social and emotional development of our children through our diverse co-curricular offerings:

  • Dance/Drama
  • Art & Craft
  • Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM)
  • Orchestra
  • Swimming
  • Home-Makers
  • Press Club
  • Young Farmers
  • Environmental Conservation (Earth Troopers)
  • Literary and Debating  Society

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We seek to cultivate energetic minds that thrive on inquiry and continually interpret their surroundings; therefore, at regular intervals, we have the following weekly and yearly programs:

Weekly Programs:

  1. School Debates
  2. Assembly Presentations (Public Speeches)
  3. Contest of the Stars
  4. Boys and Girls Mentoring Forums
  5. Cleanliness Inspections
  6. Learning vocabulary


Halifield College offers a qualitative and an all-round education that prepares our students to face the future confidently. Consequently, we have set in place the “Students’ Internship Program” for our SS1 graduates.

This program is packaged to equip our students for the future by preparing them to acquire skills and competences they may require for their future studies and career direction. It exposes them to the realities of life (particularly in the world of work) giving them a fair peek into the reality of their future career.

We encourage our students and their parents to take this program with all seriousness as it is a sound preparatory ground for their development, whether they eventually settle for the chosen career at the internship or make an entirely different choice as a result of the internship experience.


In pursuit of our vision to prepare our students who are university-bound and
career ready, we collaborate with professionals, parents, our community, agencies and various industries to share experiences at our annual Career Fairs.

At the fair, our students are given relevant and insightful information on choosing and building carriers best-suited to their interests, academic ability and passion.


Learning is aimed at broadening our knowledge base. Learning about places away from home helps our students understand that a great big world exists and is full of limitless possibilities.

Visiting countries such as Togo, France, United States or Ghana enables students to diversify and appreciate different cultures and people thereby training ethnic and religious tolerant children value diversity.


We organize eventful, memorable and exciting camp programs that ensure our students participate in co-curricular activities tailored towards nurturing their attitudes, skills and leadership path necessary for life-long success.

The camp is packed full with thrilling activities such as seminars, drills and exercises as well as tours to several exciting places.

The camp programs enable them, as future leaders and citizens of our great country, to have a deep commitment to giving back to the community.

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“Giving back” is the most evident sign of a grateful heart. We strive to instill an attitude of gratitude in our students. Service to our community comes in various forms such as:


Our staff and parent body prepare meals and donate clothing on Valentine Day every year to people of need. As they reach out with their personal gifts and possessions, they learn the reality of a life of want and needy people. It aids our young students to acquire the attitude of  “lending a hand” or being “their brother’s keeper.”


Halifield buys into the ‘Adopt-A-School” program initiated by the Lagos State Government. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and in line with our desire to reach out and show gratitude, we mentor neighboring public schools, donate furniture, organize fundraisers for uniforms, sports development, setting up a Nursey class, equipping school with computers, train teachers jointly with ours and more in order to enhance development and give back to the society that we live in.


The Earth Troopers Club is one of the social Clubs in Halifield College. It’s goal is to give students a sense of responsibility and opportunity to reach out to the society.

The club, since inception, has reached out to the less privileged around us to donate relief materials such as food and clothing.

The club also activates environmental sustainability through tree planting and awareness of environmental issues and possible mitigation strategies.

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