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With 28 years of experience, Halifield Schools is committed to academic excellence and the nurturing of responsible, courteous and happy students.

We are Halifield Schools

Halifield Schools has acquired a reputation as an institution where learning embraces all areas of life: academics, grooming, philanthropy, discipline and confidence training.

Education in Halifield is total and seeks to inculcate excellence, responsibility and moral uprightness that will enable children stand out in an aggressive and competitive world.

Quality Education

At Halifield Schools, we aim to train every child to be distinct and confidently face the future. We believe education is not only academics but in morals, sports, presentations, confidence and every other area of life. We use a mix of British and Nigerian curriculum to ensure that all our students are able to compete successfully both at national and international standards.

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Early Years & Elementary

Our Early Years consists of toddlers, playgroup, nursery and reception classes while the elementary school is made up of years 1 to 6. We strongly believe that the early years of each and every student determines how well the students will turn out and that is why we ensure that every student is given utmost attention and care.


In Halifield College, our goal is to train every student to be distinct and stand out in all facets of life. Our programmes are designed to support students in every area- from study habits, academic excellence, character development, skills acquisition and personal care, all in a professional setting.

The Leaders of Tomorrow, Created Today

Our purpose is to provide a safe, happy environment for your child, where they are able to be themselves and thrive; while acquiring the educational foundation needed to achieve

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