About Us

Our History

Halifield Schools was established in 1996 as a private institution to provide early childhood education. It was set up with the aim to make a difference in training children to become competent intellectuals who believe that nothing is impossible.

The school is administered by a Governing Board made up of professional, eminent Nigerians with a passion for education. The Governing Board takes major decisions concerning the schools and assists the Director who takes charge of managing the school. A Head of Schools, Head Teacher, Elementary and Principal for College are in charge of the day-to-day running of the Schools.

Halifield has in place facilities and technology to facilitate the latest educational trends and ideas, not only for the smart child, but also for the late bloomer and those with academic gaps.

At the end of Halifield tutelage, children are prepared for life and easily fit into the next phase of education. They are disciplined and capable, ready to face challenges with confidence.

Who We Are

Halifield Schools is an institution with the vision to train the child totally to be distinct and confidently face the future. This is achieved with the "I CAN" spirit instilled in the young minds from the time they get into the Creche till they graduate from the college by the passionate, committed and experienced professionals whose expertise has sustained the academic excellence Halifield schools has come to be known for.

The ‘I CAN’ spirit is seen in academics, character, sports and skills. The Halified education with its core values of steadfastness, honesty, excellence, determination, Integrity, diligence and confidence laced with discipline and the knowledge of God enables us to train our children to be distinct leaders and entrepreneurs of the future. The warmth and hospitality experienced on arrival at Halifield Schools reflect our commitment to provide quality service to our parents and clientele as well as nurture leaders whose sense of values will stand the test of time.

Our international partnerships and foreign collaborations keep us abreast of international best practices as well as global standards and expectations in education. Foreign scholarships are also awarded to our brilliant scholars who meet the scholarship requirements of our partner schools.

Learning at Halifield Schools is dynamic and engaging. With the use of our Edmodo platform the teachers and learners are in touch outside the classroom to ensure concepts are properly understood and tasks are turned in promptly. Our co-curricular clubs are geared towards discovering the entrepreneurial skills of each child which cuts across skills in music, craft, robotics and graphics, photography, weaving, cooking and chess to mention a few.

It would be our delight to receive you in our unique learning community to have a first-hand experience of the uniqueness of Halifield Schools. Believing I can.
Halifield Schools has acquired a reputation as a place where learning embraces all areas of life: academics, grooming, philanthropy, discipline and confidence training. Education in Halifield is total and seeks to imbibe in the child excellence, responsibility and moral uprightness that will help them stand out in an aggressive and competitive world.

Close attention is given to training in values, morals, life skills, and the knowledge of God. We emphasize hard work and our pupils are closely monitored. Giving each pupil individual attention is the norm here at Halifield Schools.

Our teaching methodology which is consistently upgraded and updated, our facilities that are state-of-the-art, and our curriculum, all contribute to make Halifield a school of excellence. Our Educators and support staff are competent, diligent and dedicated.

With experienced child-friendly staff, a purpose built and ultra modern facility in a serene and harmonious environment, learning in Halifield is unparalleled. If you are a discerning parent who wants the best there is for your child, come visit, take a tour of our facilities and talk with us. Let us discuss your child’s education, his/her needs, and prospects; and work together for his/her success and future achievement.