Our boarding houses cater to Upper Elementary (Years 4-6) and College male and female students. The boarding houses are run by a dedicated hostel team consisting of resident house parents, a registered nurse (RN), and a kitchen team of chefs and cooks, who are all coordinated by our Head of Boarding.

Rooming – Our hostels feature comfortable, air-conditioned rooms that you will share with roommates, as well as common areas for relaxing. A well-structured routine with chores will give students discipline, responsibility, and independence.

Power Power supply is derived from the National Grid as well as generators and inverters during the course of the day and night.

Schedule – Boarders are constantly engaged during weekend activities – everything from co-curricular activities like clubs, presentations, social nights, movies, sporting events and competitions, excursions, life skills, and much more. Time for siesta, laundry, study is also built into the boarding schedule. Our students love living as part of a residential community.

Houseparents – who live in the dorms with students, take on a parent-like role or “in loco parentis” giving the hostel a true family feeling. From monitoring homework/study time to giving advice, to hosting movie nights in the common room, house parents build strong relationships with the students.

Meals – All meals are provided to boarding students. Ranging from continental to local cuisine, all meals are prepared in our hygienic school kitchen headed by a chef and team of cooks and waiters. Halifield runs two menus for the boarders for variety, serves Nightcap snacks daily, and gives boarders treats on special occasions. Alternative meals are prepared only for students with documented food allergies.

Security – Our boarding facilities are manned by 24-hour security personnel day and night. CCTV camera monitoring is also available all over the school’s premises and on the mobile devices of multiple staff members. Regular police patrols are also routine. Emergency drills, such as fire drills and intruder drills are taught and practiced by our hostel team and students.

For a living experience away from your home, that is comfortable, regimented, well-monitored, and helps instill discipline while ensuring a focus on academics, life skills, and making life-long friends.

At Halifield, your child is home!

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