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School Prefect Manifesto – Oniwaiye Grace

Good Afternoon the Director of Schools, the HOS, the Vice Principal, Staff and Students. My name is Grace Oniwaiye and stand here today to present my school prefect manifesto to you.

“Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination”. From the start of my secondary school years I had dreamed of becoming a school prefect. I have not come to tell you that I’m perfect or that I know everything, but to promise you my best. Academically, with an average of approximately 85%, I am a high flyer who will not relent.


Noise is one of the major problems and I believe that working hand in hand with my fellow school prefects and management will bring a reduction in noise levels. I foresee a greater Halifield with students that understand the necessity of silence in a learning environment.

I’ll work hard to make sure Halifield excels in all areas, be it Music, Arts, Science or Languages. Leadership should be about influence, getting people to do things not with force but appealing to emotions and sense of the people.

Halifield has moulded me to become the confident girl I am in the world and I will also help other girls become achieve same.

Before I leave, let me remind you that it is not about fitting into a particular post. It is the ability to be versatile and good in everything you do.


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