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Halifield Schools Mass Choir


Our outstanding music program is designed to help students build their skills. At Halifield Schools, we invest in developing our students’ potentials and provide them with the platform to showcase their talents. We nurture in them a sense of worth and accomplishment.

outstanding music programApart from regular music lessons at primary and secondary levels, students take extra-curricula classes. These classes cater to a range of students abilities, from foundation level to advanced. Students can take classes in;

Dance i.e. Contemporary and African

Orchestra i.e. mastery of woodwind, brass, strings, percussion and synthesizers.

  • and all students participate in choral lessons.Our students participate in national and international concerts and competitions. They have won awards in choral, dance, solo and orchestra performances at different categories and have also performed at big concerts.

Some of these awards are:

  • Opal Award (Dance Competition) – 1st Position
  • World Dance Competition in Germany – 2nd Position
  • MUSON Competition – Best Positions in choral, piano, recorder performances – 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • NNPC/Shell Choral Competition
  • United Bank for Africa CEO Awards – nominated for guest performance for the ceremony
  • MUSON Music Festival – nominated for guest performance

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