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Learning for Life Application

Learning for Life Application

“Where focus goes, energy flows” -Toby Robbins

To grow in any area of life the willingness to learn is crucial. It is important to learn but not just learn but apply what is learnt.

I work and live by these mantras “anything worth doing is worth doing well” and “do it with passion or not at all”.

My belief is that if we learn there is a need to apply that learning, not partially but with quality performance. If we consistently strive to produce quality work, people will see it and opportunities will arise from there.

I can look at people who are in great shape, but wanting to be in great shape is not enough. The mandate will be for me to learn and apply on a consistent basis what they did to get to that point.

We therefore need to

  • Learn
  • Apply what we learn
  • Strive to give it our best
  • And produce quality result.

Tola Wyse

Head Teacher

Halifield Schools.

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