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School Prefect in Halifield Schools

Good Morning Halifield College. My name is Praise Emmanuel James, your ever able time keeper for the past academic session. To whom respect is due; I give my highest salutations to those who are instrumental in the running of this citadel of learning. I am here before you today to present my manifesto for an opportunity to reprise my role as a school prefect in Halifield Schools.

To begin with, I’d like to review my academic performances. As I’m sure my teachers will agree with me, my efforts towards my academic prosperity have never wilted. I always thrive for and continue to thrive for the best grades in my academics. Furthermore, during my service as the time-keeper, I maintained and surpassed my academic performance. As a result of the above, I assure you that I am academically fit to take on this role.

My desire is to be a prefect has never been a thing of self-interest, it has always been to serve others. I desire to use my post as a platform to propel the school to new heights of excellence and leave a positive impact on the school. Most of all, to take part and get more involved with the students to help with issues like bullying.

I want to make the school a place that every child would love to be and be a role model to the rest of the school. This I do by adhering to school rules, being punctual, having good attitude and portraying the school’s values. I will use my strengths to help others by giving advice and trying my best to help them become confident and feel better. Being approachable and welcoming helps me reach my peers and juniors and help them.

As a school prefect in Halifield Schools these are the positive changes I hope to implement .

The first change I hope to bring is a massive over-haul of the school’s sports scheme. Like myself, a lot of students and staff are very passionate about sports. We can so much more to bring more recognition or sports in the school.

Also, the characteristic noise that is often associated with students will be under constant threat during my tenure. I will do my possible best to reduce and stop it as well as ensure that my fellow students are disciplined at all times.

When I become a prefect of this great school, I will make Halifield better than it is today.

Thank you.

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