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Halifield School Prefect Manifesto – Enujeko Alvan

Good Afternoon HOS, Vice Principal, Teachers and Friends. My name is Enujeko Alvan and I am in SS2. This is my manifesto for the Halifield school prefect position for 2018/19 session.

Basically, my manifesto focuses on two major points. How well I have done academically and what I would do for the school.

It is fair enough to say that I am an “A-Student” considering the accolades I have gathered but I can improvement. “A man, who is okay with just being there, will end up as part of the bunch”.

For my school, I will try my best to be a positive influence to other students and promote values such as discipline and respect. I will also encourage a diverse school environment were students with different interest i.e. music, sports, dance or drama, can express themselves. I would also ensure that students are punctual to class and properly dressed at all times.

Why I want to be a Halifield school prefect

  1. School improvement: I want to be a part of the set that will further improve the school in every area. With the help of my fellow prefects, we will push Halifield Schools to even greater heights.
  2. Student representation: As a prefect, students will have a channel through which they can express themselves to the school. Where they have needs, they will be able to discuss. I will be their mouthpiece and outlet. With me, they will know they always have a listening ear.
  3. School Growth: I hope to be a school prefect so I can help and assist in the growth of the school especially in numbers. I will contribute to school growth by eliminating retardants. These retardants are namely, unruliness, lateness, improper dressing e.t.c.

Here ends my manifesto. I hope it has left you with more than enough reason to appoint me a Halifield school prefect for the 2018/2019 session.

Thank you.

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