School Prefect Manifesto – Eze Emeka

school prefect manifestoGood Afternoon Everyone. My name is Eze Emeka and I am here to give my manifesto. I want to start by thanking the management for choosing me as one of the school prefect nominees. Thanks for the opportunity to show the school that I am responsible.


My goals as school prefect are as follows:

Firstly, I will control the noise level in the school. School prefects moving around the school during break and other free times will help reduce the noise level of the students.

I will make sure that all students are properly dressed at all times. With teachers and other prefects working together, we can enforce and correct students dressed wrong.

Orderliness is can be achieved by a simplified system. I will make sure there is orderliness when the students are taking their meals in the hall and other activities.

The school environment should be neat and tidy at all times, for cleanliness is next to Godliness. I will achieve this by ensuring students don’t litter and pick up trash from the floor where necessary.

I have been doing well in some of my subjects. However, I will strive to improve in the subjects that I’m lagging behind.

I want to be a prefect for the following reasons:

  1. I have the ability to control and correct my juniors without fear.
  2. Discipline is important to me
  3. I am friendly and approachable.
  4. I am skillful and have the ability to nurture and train my others.

With diligence, fairness and the best of my abilities, I promise to carry out all my duties if elected.

Thank you.

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