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School Prefect Manifesto – Osagie Rayyan

Good Afternoon distinguished Head of Schools, Vice Principal, Teachers and Students of Halifield Schools. My name is Rayyan Osagie from SS2 and I’m here to present to you, my School Prefect Manifesto.

I believe I am academically sound with a few areas that I need to improve. I assure you that I will put my heart into it and be better than I am now.


If I am elected a prefect, I intend to ensure the academic standards of Halifield by organizing tutoring classes.  The classes will be between the juniors and the senior students of the school.  Senior students will serve as mentors to the junior ones by helping them out academically.

I would also ensure a clean environment in the school. Our Janitorial Staff working tirelessly to make sure that the environment is clean and by the next day, students have messed it up. I will introduce a system where each class maintains a duty rooster to ensure a clean environment by taking turns in sweeping and mopping the environment and emptying the waste bins.

Lastly, I will push for more outing and excursions for boarding students. We could visit educational institutions within Lagos such as LASUTH for students that desire to be Doctors as well as other interesting places.

Although I have my shortcomings, I am doing my best to be a better person. I believe I can be an outstanding prefect because I can relate and understand most students of the school. This will make it easier for me to control them and they will listen to me. Through my experiences with the past prefects of the school, I have been able to pick up one or two things from them and learnt how to take charge of the school environment and the students at large.

So to this, I pay my gratitude to my seniors for teaching how to be a good prefect.

Thank you.

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