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Meet our CONRAD Challenge finalists

Our talented students have advanced to the 2024 CONRAD Challenge finals.! 

In the previous year’s CONRAD Challenge, with over 2,800 students participating from 50 different countries, Halifield College students made waves, setting the stage for our continued success. This year, they’ve introduced an innovative solution—a device to track and manage electricity usage, complemented by a user-friendly app. Their project addresses real-world concerns about rising electricity costs, showcasing not just technological prowess but a deep understanding of contemporary challenges.

Keona, Fawaz, Zion, Olamide, and Patrick are now in the finals, with scholarships offered by renowned institutions: Clarkson University ($60,000), Menlo College ($80,000), and Lewis & Clark College ($60,000).

Let’s continue cheering our students on as they lead the way in purpose-driven innovation.

Congratulations to our remarkable students for this outstanding achievement!