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School Prefect Manifesto – Okuchukwu Joel

Prefect in School - Halifield Schools

Good day ladies and gentlemen, I’m Okuchukwu Joel. As a natural born leader, I have put in my bid for a position as a prefect in Halifield School. Things are easily said but not easily done so lend me your ears as I recount the attributes that back up my claim.

After watching the last two sets of wonderful and hard working prefects perform their duties, I recognized and imbibed the following qualities a good school prefect.


  • P-Persevering
  • R-Responsible
  • E-Excellent
  • F-Fair
  • E-Encouraging
  • C-Capable
  • T-Truthful

Without being a prefect, I engaged in sporting activities and represented the school in different sport competitions. I also helped to keep the noise level at bay in the school. After all a serene environment is the best place for learning.

If elected a prefect, I will ensure that I perform my duties to serve both the staff and the students.

Eliminating vices such as disrespect to teachers and bullying will be a key project during my time as prefect. I will ensure that I work hand-in-hand with all to ensure the smooth running of the school.

I will ensure that there is orderliness in the running of the school activities and ensure fairness to all irrespective of any close relationship.

Before I leave, I will like you all to bear in mind that a vote for Joel, will surely end well.

Thank you.

Okuchukwu Joel (SS2)


  • This is good

  • McRichmale Gyampoh / / Reply

    Well, I’m McRichmale Gyampoh, From St. Paul’s Technical School. I’m also aspiring for the school Prefect 2019/2020….Academic year. I just read your manifesto and it’s awesome

  • Clifford Precious / / Reply

    Motivating manifesto , Thanks Joel

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