:: School Facilities

The academic facilities at Halifield College are extensively tailored to give a well rounded, cutting edge education to every student. Coupled with competent staff, both academic and non-academic, Halifield College is fully equipped to meet the expectations of attaining a modern and up-to-date education.


There are general classrooms and subject-specific classrooms at Halifield College. Each classroom has a 20 student seating capacity, providing adequate spacing for interaction and monitoring by the teacher. Good ventilation, white boards and tiled floors characterize each classroom for a clean, pollution-free environment, conducive for learning


The College Library, located on the second floor is a spacious, air-conditioned room, stocked with relevant textbooks on the Nigerian and British curricula; journals, reference books, encyclopedias and novels. Individual cubicles are provided in the Library for students’ use, which minimizes distractions from others around.

Computers and wireless internet access are also made available in the College Library to facilitate students’ research and learning. Students are however monitored while online to prevent the access of inappropriate data.

Science Laboratory

Halifield College is dedicated to providing an exceptional, world-class education. Our laboratories are fully equipped and well-stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and materials for conducting experiments and testing theories. Each laboratory is also outfitted with hazardous waste disposals and hazard-prevention equipment, for safety.

Art Room

We have a well-equipped art room, tailored to promote the discovery of students’ artistic talents and encourage creativity. The art room contains work benches with attached easels (known as donkeys) for the students’ ease while working around or ‘in-front of’ any object. Adequate ‘arts and crafts’ materials are also stocked and provided in the art room.

Music Room

Our music room houses various kinds of musical instruments both contemporary and traditional, including percussion, string and wind instruments. Students are encouraged to learn to play at least two instruments and develop musical talents.

ICT Laboratory

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Laboratory at the College is equipped with state-of-the-art computers with flat screen monitors, current educational software, wireless internet connection and a projector, all to aid the teaching of the students. Students’ use of the internet is monitored at all times to prevent accessing inappropriate data.

Home Economics Laboratory

At the College, students are encouraged to imbibe the knowledge of personal hygiene, preparation of balanced meals, sewing, embroidery and general cleanliness. The Home Economics Laboratory is equipped with the necessary facilities to prepare for a healthy future.

Basic Technology Laboratory

Our students are introduced to woodwork, metalwork and simple vocational and technology-based practices. They acquire the ability to design, build and repair simple wood and metal objects and appliances. The Technology laboratory houses various equipment for the students’ hands-on use.

Multimedia Rooms

Students learn with 21st Century educational tools. The multi media rooms are equipped with interactive boards and projectors.

Boarding facilities

Students who opt to board at the school are provided with a home-away-from-home. Our boarding system is warm and inviting, while at the same time, instills discipline. We provide dormitories with sturdy bunk beds, hardwood floors, ample closets and ceiling fans. Clean bathrooms and laundry facilities are also provided. Common rooms and box rooms are for the students’ use in relaxing and storage. All boarders are supervised by two house masters and two house mistresses, who are responsible, live-in members of staff. A checklist of items necessary for boarders is made available at the College office.

Visiting Day for Boarders
Parents are allowed to visit their children during the term on a day specified by the College in the school calendar. Light refreshments could be brought for the students. Students are not allowed to take food to their hostels as this constitutes contraband, which would be seized.