To train the child totally to be distinct and confidently face the future.

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Student Leadership

Halifield Schools provides Student with a supportive learning environment that develops leadership skills through character based opportunities.  We are committed to enabling students to become our society’s next generation of leaders- individuals ready to speak up, step up, meet a need and effect positive change. Students are challenged on all levels and are required to work cooperatively to achieve set 


Pupils learn in a happy environment. We believe that once their basic needs are met, for being heard, having good self-esteem and good relationships with all kinds of people (young and old), they will naturally learn the things they need to learn once they are excited about doing so.


Halifield Schools is a co-educational school. We embrace diversity, equality and offer a wide range of learning experiences, friendships and role models. When boys and girls learn and play together, broadening and influencing each other every day, they develop sophisticated social and emotional understanding. We believe that co-education best prepares children for their future as compassionate, productive and socially-aware learners and 


At Halifield Schools, we make significant investment in developing our students’ potentials. Our outstanding music programme is designed to help students build their musical skills. We provide them with the platform to showcase their talents and we nurture in them a sense of worth and accomplishment. Apart from regular music lessons at primary and secondary levels, students elect to take 


Good relationships in a team can be beneficial at work and elsewhere. When everybody gets along, they’re more inclined to help one another without expecting anything in return. Remember, the goal is to build a business and create an excellent working environment. When the team falls apart, so does the quality of the company. When everybody works together and gets 


Here at Halifield Schools, there are several sports that students can plug into. From football, Basketball, volleyball, badminton, there is something for everyone. Playing  sports keeps kids fit, healthy, and physically skilled ready. Other benefits also include the following: develop leadership skills. get chance to meet like minded people. Improve communication skills. learn sportsmen spirit. Understand power of teamwork.  

UPCOMING EVENTS November 16th- PTF Meeting and Visiting Day November 27th- Club Activities end November 21st-27th- College Revision/ Senior School Practical Examinations November 25th- 27th- Practical Examination (Art and ICT) (Elementary) November 28th- December 4th- First Term Examination (College) November 28th- 29th- Revision (Elementary) November 29th- TGIF (Elementary) December 9th- Prefects/Achievers Party (College) November 10th- College Party  


Here at Halifield Schools, we believe that by involving students in a total learning experience (i.e. learning by doing), their ability to think critically is significantly enhanced. They also learn to think independently, and reduce their dependence on authority. .They are able to apply what they have learned inside the classroom in their everyday lives – they can also apply 


Halifield College’s Remedial educational program (Study Boost) is a specific educational intervention aimed at addressing the identified learning needs of a student (or group of students) who is lagging behind academically or not mastering specific competencies at early class levels (JS 1 and JS 2 specifically). Due to the fact that each student has different learning strengths and gaps, Halifield’s individualized remedial 


Words of a broken mind and heart Condemned and shunned, My mind can function no longer. Battered and bruised, Like life at the battle field It can fight no further.   A heart as tender as grass, Can’t seem to take any hurt. Even with the elevation of class, One can only be as broken as glass.   Beauty is