To train the child totally to be distinct and confidently face the future.

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Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday


Our boarding houses feature comfortable, modern rooms that you will share with roommates, as well as common areas for relaxing. Boarding school students see their families frequently.. We make sure to keep them constantly engaged during weekend activities – everything from movies,  visits to the mall, tourist attractions, socials, sporting events and competitions, life skills, and much more.  Our students love living as part of a residential community.

Students at Halifield Schools enjoy living in a nurturing and safe environment. Houseparents—who live in the dorms with students—take on a parent-like role or “in loco parentis” giving each dorm a true family feeling. From helping with homework, giving advice, to hosting movie nights in the common room, house parents build strong relationships with the students.

Dorms are organized by “vertical housing,” which means that every dorm room has students from each grade, allowing senior students to serve as role models. This model ensures that new students are successfully integrated into the community. At Halifield Schools, your child will have access to faculty that will help you realize their potential. They will form life-long friendships with students from different cultures and backgrounds. They will experience more adventure, challenge, fun, culture, acceptance and community than you ever thought possible.