I welcome you to the Halifield website.


Our school is dedicated to an inspiring super curriculum of innovation, discovery and life skills. The elementary school serves children of 18 months – 11 years. At Halifield, our values are deeply rooted in children’s true sense of belonging to a school that is highly valued within the community.


Our academic standards are high and we strive to ensure that every child, regardless of academic ability leaves the school having attained their best. Pupils are continually assessed and new targets are given as pupils and their parents / guardians share the responsibility for their learning with our teachers. We have observed our alumni grow into mature and sensitive adults.


We are therefore confident of the Halifield pedagogy. It is very much a whole school partnership and we ensure that parents are continually involved and informed. I invite you to peruse our website, explore our programmes and arrange a visit. I look forward to meeting you. Warm regards.