Halifield Schools has achieved extraordinary accomplishments in building the total child and we are proud to announce the opening of a Lekki branch in September, 2018.  It started as an idea borne out of a careful and strategic planning and finally it is a reality. Our new branch comes with excellent facilities and a perfect learning environment for infants and pupils.

We are devoted  to inculcating in our pupils positive values and beliefs, a shared sense of purpose, positive relationship and a sense of trust. Our motto ‘I CAN’ inspires confidence, promotes self reliance and motivates our staff and students to strive for excellence in all academic and extra curricular endeavours..

In over twenty years, Halifield schools has maintained her cherished culture of trust and respect for the individual. This is characterized by a strong sense of identity and community. Our partnership with international communities helps us stand out from the crowd.

The inauguration of our Lekki branch will be a landmark in the history of education in our nation at large .  The Creche, Pre-school and Elementary pupils will be the first to benefit from this newly materialized initiative.  We are confident that together we can make this a huge success.  Our Halikids will acquire a broad knowledge base in preparation for becoming “the total Child”. Children will become well-informed and responsible citizens who possess  a sense of national and global identity.

We commit to providing quality education and ensuring the implementation of new initiatives. This new branch will be a place where Halikids can build capacity and aspirations with the support of their teachers.  So this marks another milestone in the development of Halifield.

We appreciate the supports of our pre-existing parents, teachers and staff. We hope for a greater and even more productive Halifield Schools… Yes “I Can!”

Prefects – Class of 2018/19




QUOTE FROM MANIFESTO – “As a prefect I will ensure that students’ minds are actively engaged during prep periods and on weekends”. read full manifesto here – https://wp.me/p7CDZL-q9




QUOTE FROM MANIFESTO – “I will ensure that students’ minds are actively engaged during prep periods and on weekends”.





QUOTE FROM MANIFESTO – “Eliminating vices such as disrespect to teachers and bullying will be the key project during my time as prefect”. Read full manifesto here https://wp.me/p7CDZL-pO 




QUOTE FROM MANIFESTO – “I will ensure a neat environment as well as punctuality of students in the school”. Read full manifesto here https://wp.me/p7CDZL-rT




QUOTE FROM MANIFESTO – “The characteristic noise that is always associated with students will be threatened during my tenure”. Read full manifesto here https://wp.me/p7CDZL-sc




QUOTE FROM MANIFESTO – “Leadership is not about positions and titles. It is about action and example”. Read full manifesto here https://wp.me/p7CDZL-s3








QUOTE FROM MANIFESTO – “As a prefect, I intend to serve as an intermediary between the students and staff”. Read full manifesto here https://wp.me/p7CDZL-rs




QUOTE FROM MANIFESTO – “I foresee a greater Halifield with students that understand the necessity of silence in a learning environment”. Read full manifesto here https://wp.me/p7CDZL-rM





QUOTE FROM MANIFESTO – “Staying connected to students will help me have a better sense of how they are doing and where they need help”. Read full manifesto here https://wp.me/p7CDZL-rz




QUOTE FROM MANIFESTO – “I will encourage a more diverse school environment where students with different interests can express themselves”. Read full manifesto here https://wp.me/p7CDZL-rZ

Excursion to Guardian Newspaper

It was a bright and beautiful morning, our Year 5 & 6 pupils were agog because they were visiting The Guardian Newspaper Press! that day. Our aim was to further reinforce our knowledge of newspaper report writing and adverts design which we had learnt in one of our writing classes.

Our Guardian Newspaper Visit

[caption id="attachment_1787" align="alignleft" width="300"]Guardian Newspaper Excursion to guardian newspaper[/caption]

On arrival, we were welcomed by our amiable tour guide who ushered us into the press hall. Here we learned that The Guardian Newspaper was established in 1983 by Chief Alex Ibru.

Guardian newspaper

Next, one of the engineers explained the function of the Reel Unit. It is the first step in the printing of the newspaper.

guardian newspaper

After that, we visited the operating and control rooms where the next stage of production takes place.

guardian newspaper

At The Guardian Library, we saw different reference materials. The library is
opened to the public and it is free.

Guardian Newspaper

Back at the news room, we met with the Chief Editor of The Guardian, Mr. Marcel Mbamalu. We learnt that  to be a good journalist, one must pay attention in class especially to subjects like essay writing.


[caption id="attachment_1784" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Guardian Newspaper Excursion to Guardian Newspaper[/caption]

Our visit  was indeed rewarding. We unlearned, relearned and learned some more.



On day four of our sea school experience, we had our usual morning routine of devotion, workout, breakfast, inspection, and military drills. We then held a Macho contest, which was won by our very own Aniekan Etuk.  We took classes on Rope-Knotting and First Aid to make ourselves more resourceful in the real world. After lunch, we had a seminar on the qualities of a good Leader. After dinner activity that day was presentation by the Adamu and Slesor watches. They gave a two minute talk which was on any topic of their choice. We retired to our rooms at 10:00pm once again.


On the fifth day, we took a trip to Tomaro after breakfast. At Tomaro we visited a resting ground where we held various sporting events including football matches, sprints, and relay races. On our way back, we had to stop for a bit because boat that brought us was experiencing some engine failure. Back on the island, we had an ‘’Educraft’’ lesson on making toilet wash, and antiseptics. After dinner, the other 2 watches gave their two-minute talk, then we closed for the day.


On our last full day there, we had our last drama rehearsal before the final performance. All the watches presented their dramas and in my opinion, they were all amazing work of Art. The four watches also had a cooking contest by making their own dinners. Each watch cooked Jollof rice and stew, some meals were better than others but we all gave our best, and that was what mattered the most.  That final night, we had our award ceremony. The winners are as follows:

Neatest watch: Adewole

Best Rice: Slesor.

Best Drama: Adewole.

Observation Game: Adamu.

Best Watch Overall: Adewole.

Every school had a representative give a vote of thanks, I represented Halifield Schools. We were all given certificates for being behaved well and that made us very happy. With that, we retreated to our rooms for a final lights out, as our experience had come to an end.

The next morning, we cleaned up, ate, said our goodbyes and went out separate ways.

It was honestly an amazing experience, one of the best in my life. I will never forget the friends I made, the skills I acquired and the knowledge I attained. As the memories I made on the island will follow me to my grave.


Benson Oluwatoyin

Head Boy 2018/19 session



Community Service by the Earth Troopers Club of Halifield SchoolsOn Saturday, 9th June, 2018, the Earth Trooper’s Club hosted a fun-filled and exhilarating party for Mende Children. The party is one of the annual community service activities of the Club. The Earth Troopers Club was established and is run by students of the School. Its aim is to positively affect the society through community service such as giving to orphanage homes, cleaning the environment, and reaching out to the less-privileged children.

This year, over 600 less-privileged children in the Mende area stormed the school premises from the early hours of the morning to participate in the party. The party started at around noon on the School’s sports’ field.

The arrival of costumed characters like Spongebob got the children very excited and exuberant as they eagerly tried to beat one another to a handshake with the characters. The costumed characters kept the party alive as they were visible in all the activities and games.

Game time @ the community service partyThe children participated in various games held during the party. There were games such as Musical Chairs, Hot Potatoes, Shaku Shaku Challenge, Football Display, Talent Hunt among others. All winners were awarded with lots of goodies. Every participating child also got food and drinks, clothing materials, and a customized backpack filled with snacks.

The party was fun all the way.


Halifield Students on their way to Sea School, Apapa

On Sunday the 27th of May, I, my classmates and some SS1 students of Halifield Schools set out for our week long leadership and citizenship training camp at Sea School Apapa. Our school bus could only get us as far as Apapa Quays because the Sea School Camp is located on an island with no road access. We had to board a boat to the camp on Snake Island.

On arrival we were immediately tasked with some fitness drills even before we registered. Students from other schools around the country were also at the camp. At lunch we used special plates called ‘Mesh Pans’ and were divided into four watches i.e. Adamu, Adewole, Gandonu, and Slesor.

At dinner, I was choosen as leader of Gandonu Watch for the next 24 hours. We settled into our rooms, and had an event in the evening where we sang songs after which we retreated to our rooms for lights out at 10:00pm.

Morning Drills at Sea School


The next morning, we were up very early to brush our teeth, had our morning devotion by 6:00am and morning fitness drills by 6:30am. After that, we took a tour of the entire island to familiarize ourselves with the place and learn all the names of all the locations and gadgets. Breakfast was 7:00 am after which we retreated to our rooms to clean them for inspection.

During that day, we had marching drills, held a dancing contest and listened to a seminar by Mr. Tajudeen Mustafa. He taught us about being a good leader. Edikan and Ivy represented Halifield Schools during the dance contest. Once the seminar was over, the watches split up to play an observation game, where we had to answer questions and retrieve items. After game time, we had our baths and some free time till dinner time at 7:00pm. The next activity after dinner was ‘’Know Your Neighbor’’, where we had to talk briefly on ourselves.

Swimming lesson at Sea School


Our morning activities were the same on day three except that our physical training was on the Grant Training Ground. After breakfast and inspections, we headed to the Assault Training Ground for some intense physical drills. We even had to crawl through the mud then we listened to a talk on ‘’Sex Education & Sexual Immorality’’. We learnt the value of virginity and how to keep ourselves for God’s chosen one in our lives. At 4:00pm, we moved to the jetty for our much anticipated swimming lesson, A.K.A ‘’Baptism’’. It was one of the most fun parts of our time at the Sea School Camp. We had free time until our dinner, and then we split into our various watches to begin practicing for our drama before bedtime.

To be continued …. in THE SEA SCHOOL EXPERIENCE – Part 2

Oluwatoyin Benson

Head Boy 2018/19 session

School Prefect in Halifield Schools

Good Morning Halifield College. My name is Praise Emmanuel James, your ever able time keeper for the past academic session. To whom respect is due; I give my highest salutations to those who are instrumental in the running of this citadel of learning. I am here before you today to present my manifesto for an opportunity to reprise my role as a school prefect in Halifield Schools.

To begin with, I’d like to review my academic performances. As I’m sure my teachers will agree with me, my efforts towards my academic prosperity have never wilted. I always thrive for and continue to thrive for the best grades in my academics. Furthermore, during my service as the time-keeper, I maintained and surpassed my academic performance. As a result of the above, I assure you that I am academically fit to take on this role.

My desire is to be a prefect has never been a thing of self-interest, it has always been to serve others. I desire to use my post as a platform to propel the school to new heights of excellence and leave a positive impact on the school. Most of all, to take part and get more involved with the students to help with issues like bullying.

I want to make the school a place that every child would love to be and be a role model to the rest of the school. This I do by adhering to school rules, being punctual, having good attitude and portraying the school’s values. I will use my strengths to help others by giving advice and trying my best to help them become confident and feel better. Being approachable and welcoming helps me reach my peers and juniors and help them.

As a school prefect in Halifield Schools these are the positive changes I hope to implement .

The first change I hope to bring is a massive over-haul of the school’s sports scheme. Like myself, a lot of students and staff are very passionate about sports. We can so much more to bring more recognition or sports in the school.

Also, the characteristic noise that is often associated with students will be under constant threat during my tenure. I will do my possible best to reduce and stop it as well as ensure that my fellow students are disciplined at all times.

When I become a prefect of this great school, I will make Halifield better than it is today.

Thank you.

School Prefects Manifesto – Adetola Abiola

Good Afternoon the HOS, Vice Principal, Teachers and Students. I am here to present to you what I intend to do when I become a school prefect. Being a school prefect to me, means being responsible, hardworking, honest, intellectually sound and trustworthy. I believe I possess all these qualities. This is my school prefects manifesto

Academically, I thrive but I believe that there is room for improvement. This responsibility will serve as additional motivation for me to shoot for a 100% average performance.


Leadership isn’t about a position or a title, it is about action and example. As a prospective leader, I will ensure that I lead by example. I will continue to obey school rules and ensure that all other students do the same. This I can achieve with the help of school authorities and fellow prefects

Complaints will be attended to promptly so that students can continue to believe in and love our school. Furthermore I will ensure that complaints that are not in my power to change are passed on to the school authority. I strongly believe that this would eventually lead to an increase in population.

In my current leadership position, I focus on maintaining orderliness in the school. I control the noise level and ensure everyone around me obeys the school rules.

A leader takes every opportunity to make a difference. Hence, this opportunity will be a good platform for me to make a difference in Halifield Schools.


Halifield School Prefect Manifesto – Enujeko Alvan

Good Afternoon HOS, Vice Principal, Teachers and Friends. My name is Enujeko Alvan and I am in SS2. This is my manifesto for the Halifield school prefect position for 2018/19 session.

Basically, my manifesto focuses on two major points. How well I have done academically and what I would do for the school.

It is fair enough to say that I am an “A-Student” considering the accolades I have gathered but I can improvement. “A man, who is okay with just being there, will end up as part of the bunch”.

For my school, I will try my best to be a positive influence to other students and promote values such as discipline and respect. I will also encourage a diverse school environment were students with different interest i.e. music, sports, dance or drama, can express themselves. I would also ensure that students are punctual to class and properly dressed at all times.

Why I want to be a Halifield school prefect

  1. School improvement: I want to be a part of the set that will further improve the school in every area. With the help of my fellow prefects, we will push Halifield Schools to even greater heights.
  2. Student representation: As a prefect, students will have a channel through which they can express themselves to the school. Where they have needs, they will be able to discuss. I will be their mouthpiece and outlet. With me, they will know they always have a listening ear.
  3. School Growth: I hope to be a school prefect so I can help and assist in the growth of the school especially in numbers. I will contribute to school growth by eliminating retardants. These retardants are namely, unruliness, lateness, improper dressing e.t.c.

Here ends my manifesto. I hope it has left you with more than enough reason to appoint me a Halifield school prefect for the 2018/2019 session.

Thank you.

School Prefect in Halifield Schools – Olaogun Tamilore

school prefect in HalifieldGood day Management, Teachers and Students. My name is Olaogun Tamilore. Being a school prefect is an honor to any student. It shows that the school believes in your ability to lead your peers and juniors. It is important that the school picks the right person. I, Tamilore Olaogun, am able to take up the mantle of being a school prefect in Halifield Schools.

I have witnessed and experienced prefects succeed and fail over the years in Halifield Schools. This has given me an edge and I know exactly how to help the school. I hereby promise to do my best to assistant staff and visitors of the school. We, the prefects elect will do everything in our power to ensure a neat environment as well as punctuality of students in the school.


I would ensure students wear appropriate uniforms at all times and be a role model for others. As a team, we prefects will bridge the apparent gap in communication between seniors and juniors and remove any form of bullying. We can do this by ensuring we are approachable by junior students.

Of recent, there have been complaints that we don’t go for enough external competition. This   can be resolved easily by discussing with the right authorities and proper planning.

Academically, I can boldly say my results are well above satisfactory level and I am more than capable of maintaining this grade and even challenge those at the very top of the academic spectrum.

All things said, the final decision rests with you. I have done my best during my time in Halifield to prove that I am an able and willing leader. Now, it is up to you to give me a chance to lead the school with the other prefects to greater heights.

Thank you.